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Today's Top News Stories

Here are the top news stories of the day, May 17, 2023:

Russia-Ukraine War: US Army Special Forces veteran killed in Bakhmut

A US Army Special Forces veteran was killed in Bakhmut, Ukraine, on May 16, 2023. The soldier, who has not been identified, was part of a team of US military advisers who were helping Ukrainian forces train and prepare for the war.

Ukraine Grain Deal to Be Extended for 2 Months

A deal to allow Ukraine to export grain through the Black Sea has been extended for two months. The deal, which was brokered by Turkey and the United Nations, allows for the safe passage of ships carrying grain from Ukraine's ports.

New York Yankees Starting Pitcher Domingo Germán Ejected; Faces Suspension for 'Extremely Sticky' Substance

New York Yankees starting pitcher Domingo Germán was ejected from a game on May 16, 2023, after being caught using an "extremely sticky" substance. Germán is facing a suspension from Major League Baseball for his actions.

First Strippers' Union in a Decade Is Expected to Form This Week

The first strippers' union in a decade is expected to form this week in New York City. The union, called the Lusty Lady Dancers' Alliance, is being formed by dancers at the Lusty Lady strip club in Manhattan.

NYC Bike Path Terrorist Set to Be Sentenced to Serve Life in Prison After Avoiding Death Penalty Verdict at Trial

The man who drove a truck onto a bike path in New York City in 2017, killing eight people and injuring dozens more, is set to be sentenced to serve life in prison. The man, Sayfullo Saipov, was convicted of terrorism and murder in March 2023.

Judge Grants Restraining Order Temporarily Blocking NYC Mayor from Sending More Asylum Seekers to Orange County

A judge has granted a restraining order temporarily blocking New York City Mayor Eric Adams from sending more asylum seekers to Orange County. The order was issued after a group of residents in Orange County filed a lawsuit against the city, alleging that the mayor's plan to send asylum seekers to the county was illegal.

The Federal Reserve Has Tried to Curb Inflation. Here's How It Is Going.

The Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates in an effort to curb inflation. So far, the efforts have been successful in slowing the pace of inflation, but they have also had a negative impact on the economy. The Fed is expected to continue raising interest rates in the coming months.

These are just a few of the top news stories for today, May 17, 2023. For more news, please visit your favorite news source.

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